welcomer setup

a guide to setup axix's welcomer


Placeholders are there to help you to have text like welcome user name toyour server name

There are 3 placeholders currently in the bot,

{{user}} - for user name such as typicalninja
{{server}} - for server name such as your server
{{membercount}} - used to show the membercount

You need to have {{}} place holders to work

How to set up a welcome message with placeholders

Here is the main command we will use to set up this : .setwelcome

.setwelcome has 2 options,
1 - welcomechannel - set a channel to send the welcome canvas
2 - welcomemessage - set a welcome message to send with the canvas
.setwelcome welcomechannel
.setwelcome welcomemessage

Thats it now do .jointest to test your server setup