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Server list

Getting your server listed

From here on, all the commands are sub-commands of commandserver-list
It's easy to get your server listed: First set a description for your server: command: - description <description>
setting a description
Enabling your server to be listed command:- enable
You do not provide a sub-content after enable as we did in the description command, the bot will create an invite for the channel and activate the server to be listed
enabaling a server to be listed
To make sure everything went okay, check and make sure your server is thier
Want a quick way to know if your server is listed?. use server-list without additional arguments, to get the status of serverlisting
Not listed

Delisting a server

command:- disable
Joining/before Listing!! #1 We are NOT responsible for any issues that might arise after listing (raids, etc) 2# We are NOT responsible for server's you join. (You can report server's that should not be listed) 3# You should NOT join these guilds with the intent of malicious thoughts(raiding) 4# Nsfw server are allowed, must warn its an NSFW server In the description 5# Server must follow the discord tos 6# NO nsfw server name > No nsfw icon, splash icons
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