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Reaction roles
set up reaction roles in your server

Main commands

There are 2 commands that are related to reaction roles
.rradd {channelid} {roleid} {emoji}
.rrdel {messageid} {roleid}
emojis must not be a custom emoji

Creating a reaction role

Creating a reaction role from scratch

creating a reaction role

Creating reaction role with an existing message

  • step-1 - Get the message id of the message you want your members react and get there role
The message id must be of a message that is in the channel given by you
getting the message id
The command is : .rradd {channelid} {roleid} {emoji} {messageid}
creating a reaction role

When a user reacts

when a user reacts or unreacts it will send a message saying he got the role or the role got removed
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