setup axix's giveaways

Getting to know the main commands

Here are the giveaway related commands.all of these require the user to have -manage_messages- permission

gcreate - aliases [start-giveaway , giveaway] :-
description - start or create a giveaways in a specified channel
gedit - aliases [edit-giveaway, editgiveaway] :-
description - edit a giveaway
gend - aliases [end-giveaway, endgiveaway] :-
description - end a giveaway
greroll - aliases [rerollgiveaway, reroll-giveaway] :-
description - reroll a giveaway
gdelete - aliases [] :-
des - delete a giveaway

Creating a giveaway

To create a giveaway we use .gcreate

As of now with the new update, doing .gcreate without anything in front will make the bot send a prompt with what you need to fill in


Ending a Giveaway

To end a giveaway we use

.gend {messageid} //message id is the message id of the give away

Getting the message id of the giveaway
ending a giveaway

Rerolling a Giveaway

To reroll we use

.greroll {messageid} // again this is the id of the giveaway message

rerolling a giveaway

Editing a Giveaway

To edit a giveaway we use

.gedit {messageid} {duration} {winners} {prize}


Deleting a giveaway

To delete a giveaway we use

.delete {messageId}

deleting a giveaway