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Create embed easily

Embed command options

This command requires you to have Manage - Messages permission in the channel it was used.
The following are the options for .embed
  • ?d - description
  • ?t - Title
  • ?f - footer
  • ?c - color of the embed
  • ?i:image - image
  • ?i:thumbnail - thumbnail image
You will use these option like the below example

Making a embed

.embed ?d description here ?c red ?i:image ?f footer here ?t title here


Error fixing

x option was given but no x was given!!

make sure you have not empty options like .embed ?t a title ?d
the error means that you have given an option but no value for the option was found
url option must give a url

x option must give a url

this option occurs when an invalid URL was given to options u, i:thumbnail, i:image etc.
make sure you have a given a valid url if a valid option from above was given, if not contact our support

all the other error's are internal errors and will be automaticly reported to our support

Last modified 9mo ago